Try As You Might You Can’t Fight Karma

Buddhism teaches that acts that cause suffering to oneself or others are rooted in an ignorance of karma.

According to teachings of karma, unwholesome actions lead to suffering in this life or the next. Even if you don’t believe in rebirth, it’s a safe bet that ignoring karmic laws will take its toll and lead to suffering in this life, not to mention the next. From a Buddhist perspective, the act of hating can only bring the hater unhappy results in the long run. So hating is just not a good idea, karmically speaking.

Also remember that if your enemies are acting in unskillful ways, they will probably suffer quite a bit down the road. The tremendous compassion His Holiness the Dalai Lama feels toward the Chinese is incredibly striking. His compassion comes from understanding karma, knowing that the suffering the Chinese military has caused the Tibetan people in these fifty years of cultural genocide has already had and will continue to have pretty scary results for the Chinese.

Rather than filling with rage and revenge, his heart goes out to them.

As human beings, sentient beings, we have this precious life and we must use it to cultivate the ways of compassion, insight and love. Without this we are doomed. Rest assured, it can be done. It has been done. We must strive wholeheartedly, daily

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